Belgium Bans All Gambling Ads

The Belgian government has made an announcement that will place a blanket ban on all forms of gambling advertisements. The ban on all gambling ads in Belgium will begin on July 1st, 2023. As Belgium Bans All Gambling Ads, it will also include stadium advertisement and gambling companies sponsoring teams. However, the later will not take place until 2025 and 2028 respectively.

The dates of enforcement and a breakdown of the new limitations were all detailed in a Royal Decree signed by King Philippe and published in the Belgian Official Gazette on Wednesday.

Belgium Bans All Gambling Ads to Crack Down and Addiction and Debt

Belgium Bans All Gambling Ads to Crack Down and Addiction and DebtThe government argued that the ban follows scientific research showing that advertising encourages gambling addiction and contributes to gambling-related debt.

Gambling advertising will be banned from television, radio, cinemas, magazines, newspapers and in public spaces. According to Bookie Pay Per Head News, online advertising on websites and social media will also be prohibited.

The decision was announced in the government’s official gazette and confirms the sanction of the ‘Royal Decree on Gambling Advertising Reforms’ which was originally authored by Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne and approved last year. The minister has been calling for a ban on all forms of gambling advertising since 2020.

The ban will mainly focus on professional sports clubs and less so on amateur sports clubs. “After all, professional sports clubs have much higher visibility, their players are role models for minors and these clubs also sell shirts as merchandising,” Van Quickenborne explained.

The latest measure is so far the most far-reaching one, as it will see the main forms of gambling ads banned on all possible platforms. Though the rules will significantly limit the dissemination of gambling advertising in the public sphere, those who actively seek information about gambling may still be confronted with related advertising.

Van Quickenborne also referred to the European ruling that allows Dutch casinos close to the Belgian border to advertise in Belgium as well. “To be clear: this in no way affects the introduction of these rules. On the contrary,” he noted, explaining that the rules will apply to domestic and foreign casinos.

By Steel