March Madness Ends, College Football Begins

March Madness gave us quite a show, with an exciting turn of events from Sweet Sixteen down to the Championship game. Now that we have crowned UConn as the winner, those into football betting are now looking at college football. Technically, the start of NCAAA football is still quite a ways, but spring games will be here. And if there is anything you have learned in sports betting, its that you should always know what you will be betting on.

The best sportsbook pay per head software will cover the lines, so there is no worry for bookies. At this point, bookies will have to keep track of the developments in football, and be able to adjust the lines as needed.

March Madness Ends, College Football BeginsCollege Football Begins

Spring games will bring us a lot of information. Of course, the rosters change as graduating classes leave, while teams welcome in new players. This will be the perfect time for you to read football news, so you can see how the teams are settling in to their new rosters.

As for the spring games, the SEC games will start as early as April 8, and will course through all the way until April 22. Meanwhile, Big Ten teams will be playing from April 15 to April 29. Meanwhile, the Big 12 will play from April 7 to April 22, while Pac-12 games will be from April 15 to April 22. ACC spring games will be from April 8, to April 22. So even if the season is not starting yet, there are a lot of opportunities for you to earn from college sports betting.