Broadway League Says No to Times Square Casino

Potential Times Square casino operators may have met their greatest rivals in the form of the Broadway League. It is a group of midtown businesses that do not want a Caesars Palace in the middle of Manhattan.

They named their coalition No Times Square Casino. According to online casino platform operators, the union opposed the proposed Caesars Palace Times Square. Also, the Broadway League led the group composed of neighborhood associations, a church, and several restaurant owners.

According to casino reviews and news sites, the Gaming Facility Location Board clarified that it intends to approve casino projects welcomed by the community. Thus, the community’s opposition to the Time Square casino has a huge impact.

No to Times Square Casino

Broadway League Says No to Times Square CasinoThe coalition’s primary worry is that traffic will worsen in an already congested area. The casino will attract many visitors instead of patronizing the district’s restaurants and existing entertainment spaces. In addition, businesses in the area will be disrupted despite having “proven to grow the city’s jobs and economy decade after decade.”

Famous restaurants, including Sardi’s, Joe Allen & Orso, and Bar Centrale, are concerned about how this would affect the “fabric of the theater district.”

The months-long race for the few available casino licenses in New York’s lower peninsula has been fierce. There have been at least eight proposals made for the three openings.

According to casino news reports, interested parties have come from all five boroughs and Long Island, drawn by the prospect of a brand-new casino and the income it could generate. In addition, since both Aqueduct in Queens and Yonkers Raceway in New York already have slot machines, many people anticipate that they will each receive one.

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