Why Was the Chinese Grand Prix Cancelled?

The upcoming Formula One race in China, the Chinese Grand Prix, was cancelled earlier this year by the F1. As a result, fans will have to wait for almost a month until the next race, which is scheduled to be held in Azerbaijan. Naturally, the less events, the less opportunity people have to bet on the F1 in your sportsbook pay per head operation. The most recent race, the Australian Grand Prix, took place on Sunday, April 2. In the last leg of the Grand Prix, Max Verstappen of Red Bull won the top spot, followed by Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

Verstappen currently leads the driver’s championship standings with a 15-point advantage over Sergio Perez in second place. Many lines are available in bookie pay per head solutions for people to bet on. However, the Chinese Grand Prix scheduled for this weekend was cancelled. Fans and bookies all over are now left wondering about the reasons behind the cancellation. And, of course, when the next race will take place.

Chinese Grand Prix, and What Will Happen Now?

Why Was the Chinese Grand Prix Cancelled?Despite attempts to replace the Chinese Grand Prix with another race, it was confirmed in January that there would be no replacement, resulting in a 23-race season for 2023. Formula 1 officials also released a statement explaining that the cancellation was due to the ongoing challenges posed by the Covid-19 situation.

After the cancellation, several countries expressed interest in hosting a race to fill the vacant spot. However, F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says that the decision was made not to add another Grand Prix. This is due to the economic benefits not outweighing the logistical considerations for Formula One. The same goes with any business, after all. You need to be able to maximize profit while making sure that your operations run smoothly. Internet marketing consultants can help you with maximizing profit, especially if you are managing your own online sportsbook.