NBA Playoffs News: 76ers Beat Nets to Lead Series 2-0

In the latest basketball news, we are looking at two of the most exciting teams to watch in the NBA, the 76ers and the Nets. In the latest NBA playoffs update, The Philadelphia 76ers lead the series 2-0 as they beat the Brooklyn Nets in one action-packed game Monday.

This is the best-of-seven Eastern Conference playoff series, and the Philadelphia 76ers secured a commanding 2-0 lead by defeating the Brooklyn Nets 96-84. If you want to make basketball more profitable for your sportsbook, you need to get the latest stats for teams in the playoffs, especially when these teams will be facing each other over the next few games.

NBA Playoffs: The 76ers and the Nets

NBA Playoffs News: 76ers Beat Nets to Lead Series 2-0A lot of basketball fans and bettors were looking at Joel Embiid to shine and lead the team to win. But Tyrese Maxey surprised us all by scoring an impressive 33 points. When the Nets double-teamed Sixers star Joel Embiid, Maxey stepped up and lead the game with six three-pointers. He has an overall shooting percentage of 13-of-23.

Although the Nets had a bright start, leading by 10 points in the second quarter, they were unable to maintain the momentum, and the Sixers caught up, limiting the Nets to a five-point lead at half-time. In the end, the Sixers outscored the Nets in the third and fourth quarters, with Embiid contributing 20 points, 19 rebounds, and seven assists. Tobias Harris was also there to score 20 points.

Meanwhile, the Nets’ Cameron Johnson led their scoring with 28 points, followed by Mikal Bridges with 21 and Spencer Dinwiddie with 12. Game three of the series will take place in Brooklyn on Thursday. At this point in the series, the Nets have to be able to handle and take care of the offense of the 76ers, or else they may lose this series early on. As for betting on the series, you can actually earn more and become a bookie easily.