NHL Playoffs Structure and Timeline

ByCarl Stonemason

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NHL Playoffs Structure and Timeline

The latest sports news turns the spotlight over to hockey, as the NHL Playoffs of 2023 have arrived. And from what we have seen in the regular season, the NHL may just promise to deliver some of the most thrilling action in the world of hockey The Colorado Avalanche are poised to defend their championship title, as the quest for hockey’s ultimate prize kicked off on Monday night.

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NHL Playoffs Structure and Timeline

NHL Playoffs Structure and TimelineThe Boston Bruins, who clinched the Presidents’ Trophy with the best record in the regular season, have achieved a lot this season, setting new NHL records for wins (64) and points (135). However, it would be an understatement to judge their chances of winning based on these records. And if you manage a pay per head sportsbook, you know its never proper to underestimate any team.

The NHL playoffs will follow this structure: In each conference, the division winner with the most points will compete against the second Wild Card team in the opening round. Meanwhile, the division winner with fewer points will also face off against the top Wild Card team in the first round. Each series will adopt a best-of-seven format.

In the first two rounds of the playoffs, the team with the top seed will enjoy home-ice advantage. Whereas, in the conference finals as well as the Stanley Cup Final, the team with the most points in the regular season will earn the home-ice advantage. The Stanley Cup Playoffs will start on April 17th.