Los Angeles Lakers Win

In the latest NBA news, we are taking a look at the Western Conference and one of the most thrilling matchups in recent basketball history. The Los Angeles Lakers face the Golden State Warriors in the conference semifinals, and the Lakers emerge victorious in the series.

The most popular NBA bets have been keeping bookies busy over the past few days. And now that the Lakers are on their way to the conference finals, expect betting to get even more frantic. It would be easy to forget their 2-10 season start because it looks like they are finishing strong.

The game was nothing short of exciting. The first half ended with the Lakers leading by 10. While some look at this is a good lead, the Warriors can easily catch up and surpass this lead. Luckily, the Lakers were able to force the Warriors to commit foul after foul, sending the Lakers to the free throw line.

Los Angeles Lakers WinLos Angeles Lakers Move to Conference Finals

The game eventually ended 122-101. LeBron James, a favorite of those who bet on basketball, scored 30 points. This is his first game that he scored more than 30 points since the 2020 Finals. He also gave 9 rebounds, 9 assists, 2 steals, and a block. He led the Lakers to eliminate the Warriors before the Finals- something that has not been seen in recent years.

Anthony Davis scored 17 points and had 20 rebounds. Reaves scored 23, and Russel scored 19. The team will now face the Denver Nuggets. The Western Conference Finals will be on Tuesday, and the Lakers will play on the road. Expect sportsbooks to get flooded with wagers all the way up to the Finals.


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