Will LeBron James Retire from the NBA?

In the latest basketball news, a lot of talk has been going around the question about LeBron James’ future in basketball. The Lakes lost the Western Conference final to the Denver Nuggets. And with that loss, comes a statement from James himself stating that his future is uncertain. But what are the chanecs that we will see LeBron James retire from the NBA?

While you may be wondering about this, your sportsbook pay per head may already be taking in wagers if James will be retiring after this season or not. After all, he does have a history of packing up an leaving after an unsatisfactory season with a team. But many are wondering if we will see more of him next season, or if he will be out of the court for good?

Will LeBron James Retire from the NBA?

Will LeBron James Retire from the NBA?The short answer is no. James said that he has a lot to think about. But it could have been a tantrum over losing. He does have a history of this as well. But then again, he has been playing in the NBA for 20 seasons. Maybe it really is time.

But we have to be practical about things, specifically the financial implications of this. James has a massive 2-year contract that he signed just last August, worth $97 million. The extension has not even kicked in yet. Next season, he stands to earn $47 million. If he picks the player option after that, then he earns an additional $50 million. That means he will be saying goodbye to almost a hundred million dollars. You do not even need to see the bets of the sharp bettors in your sportsbook to know that James will not blow that away.

We are also forgetting something. That is him wanting to play with Bronny. Remember that James has always been vocal about his desire to the share the court with his son Bronny. Bronny is going to be a freshman at USC this season, and by 2024, will be eligible for the draft. If we assume that this plan is still in place, then James is very likely to finish his contract, and earn $97 million.