When is the Best Time to Launch a Sportsbook?

For anyone thinking about becoming a bookie, there are many things to take into consideration before taking the plunge. These include, the usual how to open a sportsbook, to what kind of software to use and where. However, there is also another important question that many bookmakers forget to ask. And that is When is the Best Time to Launch a Sportsbook?

It is an important question because bookmakers need a launch date that will quickly increase their revenue. Thus, they need to open their bookie business during a time that coincides with popular sporting events. While it may not ensure success, it will certainly increase their odds of it. Or at least, it will if they have the right marketing consultant to create their advertising campaign.

The Best Time to Launch a Sportsbook for a Bookie

March is a Great Time to Open a Sportsbook

The Best Time to Launch a Sportsbook for a BookieMany sportsbook owners and companies choose the month of March to open their sportsbook for obvious reasons. While they may have missed on the Super Bowl betting frenzy, there are other major sporting events in March.

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament – yes, we are talking about March Madness!  Every year, the college basketball betting action increases and is showing not sign of letting up. This year, American will legally wager over $2.72 billion on March madness which is an 83% increase over 2023.

The Start of the Baseball Season – In addition, to March Madness, March is also the start of the MLB season. Since baseball has over 535 million fans around the world, that is a lot of potential to clients. Furthermore, the MLB is made up of 30 teams each playing 163 games. Thus, it is 2,430 baseball games your players can bet on!

While the auto racing crowd is not as large by a long shot, it is also the start of the Formula 1 season.

August is the Best Time to Launch a Sportsbook

For bookies that make most of their money from football betting, the perfect time to open a sportsbook is August. The main reason is because as football is the most popular sport to bet on in the U.S. Hence, football betting is very lucrative for sportsbooks as last year they took over $100 billion in football wagers!

The second reason to open a sportsbook business in August is because this is when the NFL preseason start. While there is not much wagering on the pre-season, August is when football gamblers start shopping for a sportsbook. Thus, opening a sportsbook in August is great because it gives you time to advertise for the NFL season.

While football is the main cash crop, one cannot forget the US Open at the end of August.

Best Time to Open a Sportsbook if You miss March and August

October thru November are also Good Month to Become a Bookie – While you will miss half of the football season, October is also the start of the NBA season. Thus, you can get a lot of baseball bettors to join your sportsbook.

In addition, it is also before November which is a busy time for bookmakers. This is because near the end of October and November is when people look for new sportsbook to wager at.  In most cases, it is because they had bad luck with their old sportsbook and are trying to change their luck.

December thru January – This time frame is arguably a possible time to Launch a Bookie Business. Arguably because by then, most bettors already have their sportsbook set in stone and will probably not switch. However, it is possible to get newcomers to the football betting scene. We are trying about the ones trying to bet on College Bowl games, the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl.

June thru July – The June thru July time frame can be a decent month because the MLB season is in full swing. Depending on the year, you can catch people trying to bet on the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup.

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By Tommy Smith

I have been managing a sportsbook for a top sports betting company for over 10 years and do freelance writing on the side.