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Topic starter is a very popular Bookie Pay Per Head Company in the industry. While they are not our favorite, they are a solid but more expensive option to open an online sportsbook. However, that is just our opinion of based on our rating system and our experience with it. For those who have tried them out, we want to hear your bookie pay per head review and why you think it is a good or bad company to use.

So don't be shy in pointing out where we are wrong or on the money with our Review,

Here is the gist of what we think about it' RATING

Bookie Mgt. Platform: 8.0 out of 10

Player Platform: 7.5 out of 10

Cost Rating: 6.0 out of 10

Customer Service: 7.5 out of 10

TOTAL RATING: 7.25 out of 10

Here is the General information about Information

  • Inception: 1997
  • Platform: DGS and ASI
  • Price Per Player: $11 (base price) to $7 per player
  • Contact: contact form
  • Telephone:1-800-605-4767
  • Website:
  • Location: Panama
  • Current Promotion: As low as $2.5 per head thru 2024

ask me anything you want about opening a sportsbook and How to Become a bookie

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Been using for a couple of years now and they are my favorite company to use. I know that they are a bit more expensive then other PPH but its well worth the price. I had signed up with them when they were having a promo and after the promo price ran out, I didnt mind paying their normal prices.

I chose to stick with them because I like the banking options that I get for my players with them.  Thanks to that,  i was able to expand my business a bit more. The rest of what they offer is pretty much the usual stuff that I can get with any other pay per head.

If You can't beat em, Join Em

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Although I haven't used them yet, they are one of the popular PPH providers on the market based on PPH reviews such as this one:

Alan T
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I have tried using the PayPerHead bookie software. I was looking through reviews from Gambling Apex, and found theirs here:

They mentioned in their review that they have a free demo that you can try out, so I went over to their site to try both the agent and player demo. They are very attentive to details. When you try to create player accounts, you do not just set a username and password for the player. You get a three-step process. First is for access like the username password and customer service message you prefer. Next, you get to access to sports. This is where I was starting to compute. Because there were certain betting products, like Casino RNG or Sports Live Plus, that would increase the pay per head fee if i were to offer this to the player I am adding. I do appreciate the heads up, though. You can contact customer service to get the amount. Then the third step is betting limits.

It seems tedious but you will do this at some point anyway. They just let you do it when you create their account. And there is an option where you can copy the settings of a player profile so you won't have to do it manually.

I do like the configuration settings where you can set the odds format, how much data to display in a feature, as well as how many weeks' worth of reports and data to keep. The site itself is good, but I do wish the font was a bit bigger since I have bad eyes- font was small even with a big screen btw.

Probably my only issue with them is really the price. I know the promo price is at $5 but the regular price is already on the more expensive end of the pay per head pricing spectrum at $10 and up. I checked their site and the promo price is good for the year. But what happens after that? Will it revert to pricier rates or are they going to keep this and be sort of like a forever promo? The latter would be good though. Given the increasing pay per head rate you will get when you add the premium features, any promo or discount that you can get will help.


wow that was longer than I expected to write. Thanks for coming to my ted talk lol

Andie Edwards
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I also used the free demo that they had and tried to use it the way I normally would. Here are a few things I observed:

  1. Site is very clean. It was a bit too clean for my taste. There was so much blank space, that I just wish instead of the icon they just make it into a full menu with actual words.
  2. Very Detailed charts. The charts, graphs etc are detailed and make it easy for me to understand the numbers.
  3. Nice Reports. The reports are also detailed and organized well.

I like that their rates are cheaper now. But does anyone know until when this promo rate is? Because it would suck to use their software then be surprised one day to find out that your pay per head rate will go up. This is what made me hesitate because I do not want to have to move again and again. Pph providers make it easy, but I still want to avoid it when possible.

I find their software decent. But there is nothing that really stands out with their software, so I ended up not going with them. I was able to find one that was in the same price range (regular price) and had a bit more to offer in terms of products and features.