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Player Prop Bets

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R Castro
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In the US, the NCAA has been requesting regulated sports betting markets to remove player prop bets on college sports. Some states have already done this, with amendments done to ensure this won't happen in the next college sports season. What is your take on this?

Personally this benefits independent bookies since we'd get the advantage but in the industry in general, will this have any effect?

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I agree that more bettors will look at independent bookies to bet on props once it takes effect.  

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Carl Stonemason
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Protecting integrity in sports is always important for the leagues, especially with younger athletes who are now being subject to consumerism, with them as the product, as early as college. Unfortunately, the simplest way to do this is to implement an outright ban across the board. I'm trying to look for other bans on prop bets and I think Germany has a similar model and they have been doing that since last year. There will probably be a dip in handle on betting for the NCAA basketball and football leagues next season, but i dont know how much % that is from the total.

Regulators gonna regulate, I guess. Their loss, our gain.

Vincent C
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Yeah I hear there's a rush to get this ban across the board before college season starts. Seems a bit regressive but then again these are college-aged kids we are talking about so its understandable where they are coming from.

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Massachusetts and New York banned prop bets on college athletes before launching their sports betting markets. North Carolina and New Jersey have pending bills on potential bans. New Mexico, West Virginia, and Maryland took steps to protect student-athletes from harassment. 

Maybe other states can also step up to protect college athletes. 

Keith C
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The NCAA has been very vocal about their request for these protections and it would be political suicide for lawmakers to ignore their pleas. At some point all of them are likely to follow suit. Some states are on their legislative break so maybe that is whats causing the delay.

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