Mariano Wins $788K Thousand Poker Pot on Hustler Casino Live

Mariano won an epic poker pot in Friday’s Hustler Poker Live stream. During the same stream, Ethan Yau won against Nikhil Arcot to earn a $523K profit. However, Mariano is the top winner with $568K, most of which came from a single hand.

The specific hand is similar to the WSOP 2018 Main Event when Nic Manion won a huge pot that pitted pocket aces against two players with pocket kings. Although the stakes were not as high as the WSOP final table, Mariano’s hand played out like a WSOP bracelet was on the line.

According to online casino software reports, the hand started with Double M, raising $1,000 with pocket kings. Then Dario called with a QJ. Also, Han called AQ. Finally, Yang raised it to $6,000 with pocket kings. On the other hand, Mariano increased it to $16,000 with his pocket aces.

Epic Poker Pot on Hustler Casino Live

Mariano Wins $788K Thousand Poker Pot on Hustler Casino LiveDouble M decided to call when things started moving again. Yang went for the five-bet to $55,000 as Han and Dario folded. With around $305,000 in backing, Mariano could cover both players and make a covert call. Because of this, Double M bet $259,800 all in.

According to bookie pay per head solutions experts, the spotlight was once again on Yang, and he faced a tough choice after falling $208,100 behind. After considering it, he concluded that folding pocket kings is always tricky. When Yang made a move, Mariano quickly called, putting both in danger of losing the $788,400 pot. So they decided to do two separate runs.
After seeing a full house on the second board, Mariano took at least half of the pot on the first run out and the entire pot. That is how one of the most epic hands in online poker rooms history ended.

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