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2024 NFL Conference Championship Predictions

After an exciting NFL Divisional Round weekend of it is time for the Conference Championship games. In this 2024 NFL Conference Championship Predictions, we analyze each team and their chance of winning. In the AFC, the Ravens are hosting the Chiefs after defeating the Texans 34-10. On the other hand, the San Francisco 49ers...

March Madness Ends, College Football Begins

March Madness gave us quite a show, with an exciting turn of events from Sweet Sixteen down to the Championship game. Now that we have crowned UConn as the winner, those into football betting are now looking at college football. Technically, the start of NCAAA football is still quite a ways, but spring games will be here. And...

2023 NFL Draft: Who to Pick

The 2023 NFL Draft is upon us. And as bookies, you need to keep track of the latest news on the draft in the latest NFL news sites. We are, after all, taking a look at the new generation of professional football players is important. A lot of them will end up being notable and worthy members of their roster, but only a few...

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