Bookie Solutions

Bookie Solutions

Run a successful Online Sports Betting Business by using the best Bookie Solutions for big and small sportsbook operations. Owning a sportsbook in this competitive sports betting market can be very difficult. However, with the right tools and support, anyone can do it!

Bookie Solutions

There are three different ways to open a sportsbook and become a bookie. Some methods are easier while other methods require the bookmaker to start everything from the ground up. In this page, we will go over all three methods to help you determine which is the best one for you.

However, just keep in mind that these bookie solutions are for starting and creating the framework of your bookie business. Thus, it will go over the methods for creating and obtaining the sports betting platform, software, infrastructure and player management. It will not go into obtaining banking providers, licenses, jurisdictions and such.

Pay Per Head Solutions for Bookies and Bookmakers

A Pay Per Head is a service that allows bookies to operate a gambling website at an affordable price. This service is known by many names which include Bookie or Sportsbook Pay Per Head or Price per Player service. Essentially, what it does is provide everything a bookie needs to open a sportsbook in a matter of minutes.

Usually, a PPH service will provides a sports betting software, player platform, betting odds, in-game betting options. In addition, most quality service will also include an online casino and in some cases, even a live dealer casino. Furthermore, they will also have available several tools to manage the sportsbooks and the players. These include reporting tools to banking and bonus features.

The advantage of using a Pay Per Head Bookie Solution is the cost. This is because instead of paying thousands of dollars on a software or a white label solution, you pay per player. Depending on the company, the cost can be as low as $1 per player to as high a $20 per player.

Pay per head companies will charge the bookie on a weekly basis. However, the cost is only for active bettors. Thus, if one of your customers does not place a bet, during a week, you do not get charge for them.

Gambling Software Solutions for Bookies

For those looking to open a gambling operation from scratch, you will need all the help you can get. Thus, we are talking about finding the right gambling software for your business. Ideally, you want a sports betting software that is compatible with various betting odds providers. In addition, you want a sports betting platform that is user-friendly so that new gamblers can easily place their bets.

Of course, you also want to use a company that is up-to-date with the latest gaming technology. Therefore, make sure to use a gaming software provider that is a technology leader and has constant updates.

Last but not least, the key to being a successful gaming operator is to have the right management tools. Thus, the more tools like player risk management, odds management, reports and such are key to be successful.

White Label Sportsbook Solutions for Bookies

A White Label Sportsbook Solution is a way to open a sportsbook without the hassle of doing everything from scratch. In addition, one of the advantages of using a White Label Solution is that you do not have to worry about getting a license for it. This is because you will be using the license of an already existing sportsbook brand.

Furthermore, the white label solution will also prove bookies with everything they need from the sportsbook software to casino software. The best part about it is that you can use your own brand to start your gambling business. In essence, you are creating your own brand while being under the umbrella of another sportsbook.

However, while it does have several advantages, a sports betting white label does have some disadvantages. The biggest one is the cost of using one. Unlike a Pay Per Head Solution, you will have to pay a fee to start and share revenue with the white label company.