Lawmakers Debate on Texas Gambling Bills

Representative Jeff Leach introduced House Bill 1942 to allow sports betting in Texas. On the other hand, Representative John Kuempel introduced House Bill 2843, which would legalize gambling in the state. Lawmakers are now tackling the two Texas gambling bills.

However, critics appealed to lawmakers’ family values. In addition, gambling news reports stressed the immorality of legalized gambling that can lead to addictive gaming. Supporters claimed that legalized gambling could lead to an economic boom for Texas.

Leach said that illegal sports wagering is already rampant in the state. Many Texans bet sports online via apps and websites. Also, he said that a legalized gambling market could protect consumers.

Texas Gambling Bills

Lawmakers Debate on Texas Gambling BillsLeach warned that gamblers had no legal protection when using offshore sites, which endangered their personal information. In addition, Leach emphasized that the proposed bill would not allow professional players and coaches to bet on sports. Also, bettors can’t wager on youth sports.

The Texas Sports Betting Alliance, a coalition of professional sports teams and betting sites, favors the bill. Representatives of the PGA Tour, the Dallas Cowboys, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Houston Astros all spoke in support of the measure on Wednesday.

According to the Sports Betting Alliance’s Scott Ward, Texans collectively wager over $6 billion yearly. Moreover, according to Giles Kibbe, the senior vice president of the Astros, despite the opposition of Texas legislators, every major broadcaster and professional sports organization has welcomed sports betting.

Representative John Smithee, a committee member, warned that lawmakers should not just think about the potential gains for professional teams and sports bookies but also the state. A monthly tax of 10% of “the adjusted gross wagering revenue” is proposed in the law. Once it becomes legal in the state, you can expect operators to have a cohesive marketing strategy for a sports betting site.