Lionel Messi Scores 100 Goals for Argentina

ByCarl Stonemason

Last updated Apr 1, 2023 Last updated Apr 1, 2023 Last updated Apr 1, 2023 #soccer news, #sports news
Lionel Messi Scores 100 Goals for Argentina

It would be impossible to be into soccer betting and not bet on Lionel Messi. Whether he is playing for his home country Argentina, or playing European soccer, you will likely be placing wagers on one of the biggest names in the sport. And recently, Lionel Messi scored 100 goals for Argentina. But if you look at his career, he has scored 800 goals throughout, a milestone worth cheering for.

This has been a good year for Messi. After the chaos of leaving Barcelona to move to Paris Saint-Germain, he has done quite well in the international arena. He won the World Cup last November, which is the most prestigious tournaments in soccer. Nowadays, reading basketball news for basketball betting has been more frequent. But in many sportsbooks, soccer is still very much alive.

Lionel Messi Scores 100 Goals for ArgentinaLionel Messi and his Record Goals

He recently managed to score his 800th goal in his career, which is an achievement that not all athletes in the sport have. And in their team’s most recent friendly match against Curacao, Messi led the team to score 5-0 by half time. And in the 20th minute of the match, he scored his 100th goal while playing for Argentina. Argentina continues to enjoy a lot of action in many a sportsbook pay per head business, and its  mainly to Messi.

After this friendly, Messi will be returning to Paris Saint-Germain. Currently, people are debating whether he will be staying or not. Messi will be a free agent this summer. Some teams have already voiced their interest in getting him. In fact, anything is on the table, so much so that if Messi decides to return to Barca, we will not be surprised.