NCAA Final Four 2023 Schedule

This has been such an exciting season for college basketball, and we are now in the NCAA Final Four 2023 Championship. And if you are still learning how to be a bookie, make sure not to skip any guides to basketball betting. College ball is one of the top leagues that people bet on in a sportsbook. And if you do bet on sports, or run a sportsbook, here is the Final Four 2023 schedule.

The first game in the Final Four will be between San Diego and FAU on Saturday at 6:09 ET. San Diego State is No. 5 seed, while FAU is the No. 9 seed. The second part of the doubleheader will be between UConn and Miami. UConn is No. 4 Seed, while Miami is No. 5 seed.

NCAA Final Four 2023 ScheduleNCAA Final Four 2023 Schedule

College basketball betting is popular with many bookie pay per head sportsbooks, and this year will be a very interesting one for those into sports betting. If you look at the seeding of the teams in the Final Four, none of them are in the top first to third seeds. In the previous years, you have familiar teams always making it to the top, with a few stragglers making it. This year will be a whole new ball game, pun not intended.

Whoever wins both games will be facing off on Monday, April 3, at 9:20 in the evening in the NRG Stadium in Houston. You can check these gambling software reviews in case you are interested in rushing to get a sportsbook up and running before these games. With so many betting options, it will be easy for bookies to offer Final Four and Championship betting.