What You Need to Know about PPC Keyword Maintenance

PPC keyword maintenance is a vital process for your online bookie marketing campaign. It will ensure your keyword list is healthy and thriving. Also, it helps you optimize your campaigns and improve your results. Thus, it is vital to do it after you open a bookie business.

Keyword maintenance involves regularly reviewing your keywords and adjusting them based on their performance, relevance, and competition. It eliminates low-performing keywords that waste your budget and lower your quality score.

The process will also lead to new keywords that match your target audience’s search intent and increase your sportsbook’s traffic. In addition, it can refine your keyword match types to control how closely your bookie pay per head ads match the search queries. According to sports betting news experts, keyword maintenance is an essential part of PPC management that can help you achieve higher ROI and better user experience.

Guide to PPC Keyword Maintenance

What You Need to Know about PPC Keyword MaintenanceRegular performance reviews are the foundation of keyword upkeep. Although this may seem like common sense, we are often surprised to find many keywords used in a Google Ads account from the beginning but are now significantly underperforming compared to other keywords.

Regardless of your account’s traffic, it is essential to establish a consistent task cadence that allows you to monitor progress over both the short and long term.

Low-volume search phrases can also be filtered out by using this method. If you are anything like me, you approach keyword research optimistically. You cannot wait to launch your campaigns and evaluate their success. Yet, it is easy to overbuild campaigns and include too many keywords when we start with such high hopes.

Be vigilant in monitoring your keyword ranking. For example, looking at the graphic above, you can tell that one term has low search volume and a low bid. If the increased competition for this term warrants a more significant premium than I am now ready to pay, I will do so. I will then revisit in a week or two to assess the results.

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