Russia to Hold World Friendship Games

ByCarl Stonemason

Last updated May 6, 2023 Last updated May 6, 2023 Last updated May 6, 2023 #sports news
friendship games

When Russia invaded Ukraine, the sports industry adjusted to the events by banning Russian and Belarusan athletes from participating in international sports. However, there is a loophole as the International Olympic Committee has suggested that the athletes from these countries play under a neutral flag. Of course, it is still different, and countries would like to take credit for their investment in national athletes. This is why Russia will be bringing back the World Friendship Games.

This event may not be familiar as you are likely to not have seen this in your bookie pay per head software. The tournament started in 1984, and was joined in by states which have boycotted the 1984 Summer Olympics. While Russia wants to bring the events back, the regulations are still somewhat unclear.

World Friendship Games and the Olympics

friendship gamesThe games, if it is to happen after the Paris Games, will be given more detail later on. But this will give Russia and Belarus the chance to join and participate. Currently, sanctions are imposed on the two countries, one of which is not allowing them from organizing sorts events. Their flags, national athens, and other national symbols should not be used as well. However, you might notice a few events in your bookie pay per head solutions software that have Russia.

This is because there are some sports like canoeing, archery, and taekwondo, where their athletes are welcome to compete with others. A lot of these athletes also compete in Tennis as neutral players. As for the Paris Games, there is no decision yet if they will allow Russia and Belarus to compete. In the meantime, you have more than enough time to get into sports betting yourself. Just start with these pay per head reviews to know more.


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