The outcome of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Sunday was hardly unexpected after the first 10 laps. Those who use online bookie software would have 1 question: which Red Bull driver would emerge victorious? The Red Bull shines bright in the F1 as they continue to dominate the rankings.

However, in the end, Sergio Pérez left no room for competition, dominating the field and even his teammate, Max Verstappen, to clinch the win in Baku. Pérez’s triumph marks his second victory of the season, with Verstappen winning the other two races. Red Bull’s cars also finished first and second in three of the four races this season, further cementing their superiority over every other Formula 1 team in practice, qualifying, and on race days. 

Red Bull and the F1

However, the race also set the stage for an exciting summer of competition between the two Red Bull drivers. This is because Pérez is now just six points behind Verstappen in the season standings. Those who wonder how do I become a bookie should start with that guide to catch up, because F1 racing is increasing. 

Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc of Ferrari secured third place, holding off Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin, to claim his first podium finish of the year. Nevertheless, both drivers were outmatched by the Red Bull team. Will Red Bull be able to sustain their performance in the next races? Maybe. Whatever happens, your bookie pay per head operation will be getting a lot of action on Formula 1 racing.