NHL Playoffs Preview: The Chaotic Road to the Finals

We are now at the Stanley Cup Playoffs and there are only 4 teams left. Given the chaos and excitement of the playoffs, we’ll give you our NHL playoffs preview as we head on to the Conference Finals. We’ll take a look at the two matchups to see which teams are more likely to get to the Stanley Cup Final in June. Get to know what the teams will be bringing to the conference finals, which can help guide you with your hockey betting picks for the upcoming games in the series.

NHL Playoffs Preview: The Western Conference

NHL Playoffs Preview: The Chaotic Road to the FinalsFirst we have the Western Conference, where the Dallas Stars will be facing the Vegas Golden Knights. The Stars may have had a bit of a bumpy start when they faced the Seattle Kraken in the second round, but they were able to pull through. The Stars have an amazing offense that could be dangerous for the Knights. Roope Hintz is one to watch out for, as he is the second leading scorer in the postseason. Add Jake Oettinger and his goaltending skills, then the Stars may shine bright enough to get to the Finals.

When you use gambling software, you need to learn about the use of statistics, matchup history, and the like, to make better choices when betting or managing a sportsbook. This will be very important when looking at the Golden Knights. Why? Because they have a five-on-five goal differential of plus-15, which is the best among the teams in the postseason. The Knights also have Adin Hill to provide goaltending for the team, which could give them the extra boost that they need to beat the Stars. Most handicappers are, however, looking at the Stars to win the Western Conference Finals.

NHL Playoffs Preview: The Eastern Conference

Next, we have the Carolina Hurricanes facing the Florida Panthers for the Eastern Conference title. The Panthers are a welcome surprise, as many did not expect them to get this far into the playoffs. Will Sergie Bobrocsky and Marc Staal be able to pull off an even bigger surprise and beat the Hurricanes? Do fans and bettors think that they can be a winning underdog for the series? The activity on the lines for the game in your Price Per Head sportsbook operation will tell us.

But the Panthers will have an uphill climb to beat the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes have suffered some roster changes due to the injuries of Max Pacioretty and Andrew Svechnikov, as well as Teuvo Teravainen. But you do have them returning at some point, and you also have Frederick Andersen, who, in the postseason alone, has a 1.80 goals-against-average. Handicappers are looking at the Hurricanes taking home the Conference championship for the East this season.