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NHL 2024 Season Playoffs

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Keith C
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How are you all with the season's playoffs? Are your teams winning or are you rewriting your brackets now? Some things are quite predictable, and some are amazing surprises. But the New York Rangers are emerging as one of the wisest teams to root for.

I'm also quite happy with the action that I am getting in my sportsbook this year. I am definitely getting a lot more wagers than last year, and much much more than when I was just betting on the sport. In case anyone here is interested in how I did it, I used a good pay per head software to get me started since I was not that confident with my skills yet. It turned out to be a good decision because even though I have more experience now, I have a lot more players in my sportsbook than when I started to the software helps me- especially now when playoffs betting is getting crazier by the minute. Here is a guide that outlines the process that I did: - and it was a very easy and streamlined process too.