Combate Global Fights Preview

In the latest sports news, we are taking a look at one of the most jam-packed days for fighting with the Combate Global this weekend. The welterweight division will be the highlight of the upcoming Combate Global event on Saturday night, and will surely be getting a lot of action in sportsbooks. The division will be featuring an exciting matchup between aggressive strikers Georgie Medina and Ovidio Bojorquez.

Bojorquez has already gained attention with his impressive highlight-reel finishes in his first two Combate Global fights, making him a favorite in betting lines in Bookie PPH sportsbooks. Meanwhile, Medina boasts a flawless 9-0 record as an amateur before making his professional debut with Combate Global last April.

Both fighters are known for their striking skills, and fans can expect an action-packed and entertaining showdown between these two. But this is not the only fight worth watching this weekend. Here is the Combate Global card for Saturday.

Combate Global Fights

Combate Global Fights PreviewTo be held on April 15, in Miami, the main card starts at 11:00 PM, and will feature fights between some of the most talented in the industry. First, you have Georgie Medina facing Ovidio Bojorquez for the Welterweight fight. Next, you have Kayla Hracho versus Daniela Hernandez fighting in the women’s atomweight division. Gerardo Graniel with face Kyle Estrada in the flyweight category, while Alfrego Ruelas will face Samuel Alvarez for the lightweight category.

Keep track of the latest fighting news for the upcoming fight, and make sure to also look at the women’s bantamweight bout between Kristina Pettigrew versus Claudia Zamora. There is also the women’s bantamweight fight between Ruby Mesu and Claudia Villalobos. With a full slate this Saturday, you can make a lot of money betting on these fights. But to earn even more, you could be the bookie offering betting lines to players. PPH Services