MLB Trends in 2023 Season

ByCarl Stonemason

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MLB Trends in 2023 Season

In the latest baseball news, we are taking a short recap of the latest MLB trends we are seeing among some of the most popular teams in the league. Given that baseball betting takes in a lot of action, it’s important to keep track of the many teams that get a lot of action in sportsbooks.

And if you are just learning how to be a baseball bookie, learn from these trends and see how it will affect the activity in your sportsbook, especially when it comes to moving betting lines.

The 2023 MLB season is 25% underway, so at this point in time we are starting to see trends emerge. We also start to see which teams are on track to get into the playoffs, as well as the teams that will need to push themselves more if they want to stay longer this season.

MLB Trends in 2023 SeasonMLB Trends in 2023 Season

For instance, the Cardinals are having quite a dismal start to the season. They are currently the last place in NL Central. Whatever skill the team had in defense in the past seems to be gone. They could do better by improving their positioning. The Dodgers are also in a similar path, with the bookie PPH sportsbook favorite team allowing at least three stolen bases in their last few games. It looks to be a combination of a lackluster performance of the catchers and the pitchers.

And you also have the Guardians, who, despite having a young roster, are failing to stand out in terms of numbers. They are doing well, but pretty average. They have a low batting average, and will need to hit more home runs. They need to have good hitters, and will have to rely on the likes of Jose Ramirez, Josh Bell, and Josh Naylor. PPH Services