2023 French Open Preview: What to Expect

Sunday marks the beginning of the 2023 French Open’s opening round, with top-ranked Carlos Alcaraz starting as the favorite. Spain’s 20-year-old winner of the 2022 U.S. and has advanced to the past year’s French Open quarterfinals. However, the new landscape will make things challenging for the world’s best player. In reality, a number of players, including the second-ranked Daniil Medvedev of Russia, the third-ranked Novak Djokovic of Serbia, the sixth-ranked Holger Rune of Denmark, and the eighth-ranked Italian Jannik Sinner, might contend for the title. With younger and newer names in your tennis lines for your pay per head sportsbook, there is much excitement you can earn from.

Of course, a lot of bettors will be looking at familiar names to bet on. This is why Alcaraz remains as the top favorite at +150. Djokovic is at +230, while Rune and Medvedev are at +700 and +800, respectively. For the more adventurous bettors in your bookie pay per head sportsbook, they may go for the likes of Sinner at +1100, Tsitsipas at +1400 and Ruud at +1600.

2023 French Open Preview

2023 French Open Preview: What to ExpectThere may be wisdom in avoiding the likes of Djokovic, but for good reason. Remember, when using your gambling solutions software, you need to do research on sports side by side. And if you a check on Djokovic, you will find out that he has an elbow injury. This kind of injury may slow him down, therefore not making him a good choice to bet on.

Similarly, if you look at Alcaraz, the top favorite, you will see that a lot of people are rooting for him because recently, he has been playing well in clay. In last year’s French Open, he was eliminated in the quarterfinals, losing to Zverev in a tight match. He is 20-2 in the clay, so he is very promising. Even though this year’s tournament will not include Rafael Nadal, there are a lot of exciting matches to look out for.